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About Hair Transplant Procedures

The results indicate a lower failure rate, cuts or damage to hair than traditional methods of extraction hair. Cena runs the clinic where the procedure has the highest patient satisfaction is also

The method for removing hair from behind by Mykrvpanchhay removed with local anesthesia and can be planted in thin or bald

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In this method of hair removal by the doctor from behind with a micro Srjry and local anesthesia are painless. Strip is removed under a special microscope into follicular units one and two and three and in the low back or baldness can be planted

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safe ( surgically advanced follicular extraction )

Hair transplants for people who want to see results as soon as possible, or are afraid of surgery is appropriate SAFE
Hair removal using the advantages of follicular units
The result is quite natural Hair removal, non-visible location
Obtain the highest possible density.
The person with the least hair restoration treatment and additional meetings as needed.
Get the desired results in the shortest possible time.
Provide up to 70% higher than the rate of hair growth and appearance from the old link completely natural and non-discrimination
The ability to create the most natural and most unique line of hair growth for medical
This method does not require hospitalization. Because of this hair transplant outpatient visits after the operation and ease of care is not necessary

  • 2 days after removal of the donor
  • 1 Week after the transplant recipient. Wound few days without leaving behind a visible effect of improved
  • 1 month after the transplant donor and recipient. There is no visible scar
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